Hope in Action: Bridging Society's Deepest Divide

Studies show that the deepest social divide in Singapore society is based on class (not gender, age, race, or religion).

In some parts of Singapore, the divisions between economic classes are striking. Take Jalan Kukoh for example - a neighbourhood of rental flats on the other side of a major highway and river from premium condominiums and glittering hotels. However, the geographic isolation of these communities is only one part of the story...

When relationships fail to span economic divides, it is not surprising that many struggle to truly understand and empathize with the daily realities of those in a different strata.

Join us on Saturday, 11 May for Hope in Action, to hear stories and reflections from experts and volunteers invested in the Jalan Kukoh community—and to better understand the practical ways we can all contribute to bridging society’s deepest divide.

Location: Level 3 Auditorium, Oriental Plaza, 291 New Bridge Rd., Singapore
Sat May 11, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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Oriental Plaza
General Admission (Free, registration required) FULL
Venue Address
291 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 088756 Singapore
Redemption Hill Church